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Training courses

  Training courses of Block Chain Management

•Check out the 2nd level training courses for Block Chain Management.

Ⅰ. Training and exam schedule (one-time progress schedule)
Division Schedule Place Remark
Announcement and Reception of Implementation ‘19.1.14 ~ 2.8, 18:00 p.m Korea Block Chain Industry Association

online reception


Check the attendance

Training education payment

‘19.1.14 ~ 2.8 Korea Block Chain Industry Association

make a deposit,

Payment by credit card at the consignee

Referring to the class, checking attendance ‘19.2.9~15 Korea Block Chain Industry Association

Announcement of the student’s website

Training education



Sat.:4hr Sun.:6hr

An educational establishment

Implementation of education at the public education center

(Sat, Sun for 5 weeks )

Test reception

‘19.3.11, 9:00am ~

3.22, 18:00pm

Korea Block Chain Industry Association

online reception


certificate test

(Completion test included)

‘19. 3. 30(Sat) A test site

Place is scheduled to be announced later

※ However, there is a possibility of location change depending on the number of educators.

Acceptance Announcement 19. 4. 12(Fri) Korea Block Chain Industry Association

Final Acceptance Online Announcement

※ Please check the training and exam schedule to see if there are any difficulties in preparing for the training.

Ⅱ.Qualification for examination
test category qualification for an examination
Block Chain Management

[age] no limit

[academic] no limit

Ⅲ. Reason for disqualification
Test Category Reason for Disqualification
Block Chain Management

① Those who fall under any of the following subparagraph shall not apply for an examination:


• a person who is constantly lacking in ability to handle affairs due to mental constraints caused by disease, disability, old age, or other reasons and who has been judged by the household court for the opening of adult life. 

• a person who has been declared bankrupt and has not been reinstated.

• Those who are sentenced more than imprisonment and it hasn’t been 2 years since whose enforcement is completed or who are not subject to enforcement

• a person who is sentenced to a suspended sentence of imprisonment or more and is in the midst of that period.

• Those who have not been registered as a block chain manager for less than two years since their registration as a block chain manager was canceled.


② The reference date for the reasons for the examination in ① shall be based on the date of the announcement of the successful candidate for the second test of the year. 

Ⅳ. a Training course

□ Training Methods and Contents : training education(50hr) after, Completion test is conducted only for those who have completed a total of 30 hours or more.


(training education) 50 hours each for each number of trial when operating 4 times a year

(written test: 20hr, Practical test: 30hr)

5 weeks of training every Saturday and Sunday in a pre-announced training site

※ Textbooks are distributed during the training course , Those who do not attend will be sent by mail after the end of the training session.(It will take about a week, and the shipping charge will be on your own (COD)


(training courses education) Education is provided every Saturday and Sunday for five weeks at the education center.

Division Courses (Training hour)
required course Overview of blockchain and distributed ledger (5 hours), blockchain application (5 hours)

an elective course

(2 Courses)

Agreement Algorithm Theory and Application (5 hours), Block Chain Technology (5 hours)
Practical Courses Distributed processing system (15 hours), program writing (15 hours)


(Completion test) You must complete at least 30 hours before you can take the final exam.

( 1st Test Date 2019. 3.30 (Sat), Location: Announcement scheduled for later )


□ Training Period and Time


(training education) A total of 50 hours. Participate after checking the announced training room at the time of application.


Training Duration place a place of origin
1st trial 2.16.∼3.16 1017, 161-17, Magokjungang-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Seoul

※ Training time: Sat : 13:00 ~ 17:00 Sun : 10:00 ~ 17:00(Excluding 1 hour for lunch)
※ The education room can be changed in the future depending on the status of reception.


(Completion conditions and benefits) A certificate of completion (on online) is issued only to those who pass the completion test, and according to the relevant regulations, the first test of Class 2 of the Block Chain Management Company shall be exempted from the corresponding year.


※ Please note that it is not necessary to submit a certificate of completion when accepting a second test, but test application must be performed.

Ⅴ. Reception and submission documents

Training Reception and Announcement of Applicants


(Primary Reception Date) ‘19. 1. 14(Mon) ~ 2. 8.(Fri), 18:00


※ Pre-receiving requirements may be required due to server instability caused by user growth when receiving due to impending reception period.



(Attendant information ) ‘19. 2. 9~15 (※ Check reception, attendance at training. Guidance delivery)


□ method of reception : Association Homepage ( online application 


Online submission


◦ Reception documents will be reviewed by the person in the order in which they are received before the deadline (‘19.2.8) and individual contact will be made (text message, telephone, etc.) if any missing documents are found.

※ However, it may be difficult to contact you in advance when you are accepted as you are close to the deadline


<Training courses submission document – Online application >

No Division Submission  Submission Applicant
1 Photo Picture Image File for Passport(3× 4) 1 image all applicants




Training fees and methods of payment


◦ educational fees


-payment for training below


Apply classification  Applicable educational fees Remark
training applicant a person who is subject to training courses 1,500,000won Including textbook fee

※ Completion test (2019.3.30) with examination fee, etc.


◦ method of payment


Payment classification payment method
make a deposit

– Upon online application, check ‘cash receipt’ or ‘electronic bill’ in payment classification to complete the application, and then deposit the training fee into the following account:

․ Deposit Bank : IBK 기업은행

․ Deposit account : 070-5117-8399

․ Account Holder: Korea Block Chain Industry Association


※It takes about 1 to 2 days to issue the bill. Deposit required within 5 days after issue. 

※ About 1 to 2 days to confirm non-bank deposit

credit card payment – consigning agency: Hoon cyber Institute of Life and Education( join membership> Training courses for Block Chain Management> Online card payment after selecting credit card in training fee payment phase ※ Requires a public certificate

◦ a refund on training fees


– Email it by completing the refund application for ‘Appendix 1′(

Request details deleted and refunded after submission, confirmation of person in charge


Training Cost Refund Guidelines
•homepage( > Block Chain Management  > See the training courses page
Ⅵ. Other notice

□ Non-conforming examinee’s responsibilities due to omission, error, or hazardous materials in the entry


□ If the application documents are found to be false, the number of education during the period of education is limited according to the internal regulations.


Contact Information : Education Planning Team of the Korea Block Chain Industry Association (Tel : 02-2658-5119)

양성과정 교육 장소 안내

◦ (Site) Korea Block Chain Industry Association 


◦ (Address1017, 161-17, Magokjungang-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


◦ (Transportation) Subway Line 9, Take a walk at Exit 1 of Magok Naru Station (※ Refer to the Korea Block Chain Industry Association website ‘Direction’ for details.) Introduction of Association > directions

※ Please use public transportation as much as possible when you come.



◦ (map) See Below

  Online receiving of level 2 Quality Gaining Process of Block Chain Management

필수과목 : 블록체인 분상원장개론 · 블록체인 응용

선택과목 (아래 항목 중 2개의 과목을 선택하세요.)

개인정보 수집 및 이용 목적에 대한 동의

1. 개인정보의 수집·이용 목적
한국블록체인산업학회 (검정관리팀 포함)은 시험, 합격후 합격증생성 기초자료에 활용하며, 합격증이 생성된 정보는 블록체인관리사 2급 시험, 증명발급, 취업알선, 만족도조사, 커뮤니티 활용 등을 목적으로 개인정보를 수집·이용합니다.

2. 수집하려는 개인정보의 항목
(필수) 성명, 생년월일, 성별, 외국인여부, 사진, 핸드폰, 이메일, 현주소, 정보습득형태

3. 개인정보의 보유 및 이용기간 : 3년
사진, 핸드폰, 이메일, 현주소, 추가연락처 정보는 시험 시작일 5개월후에 파기합니다.

4. 동의거부권리 및 불이익
개인정보 수집·이용에 대한 동의를 하지 않을 수 있으며, 동의하지 않으실 경우 한국블록체인산업협회 블록체인관리사 2급 시험 응시가 제한됩니다.

민감정보의 수집 및 이용목적에 동의

1. 민감정보의 수집·이용 목적 : 블록체인관리사 2급 시험 접수
2. 수집하려는 민감정보의 항목 : (선택) 회원사 및 임.직원여부
3. 민감정보의 보유 및 이용기간 : 블록체인관리사 2급 시험 시작일 이후 5개월
4. 동의거부권리 및 불이익
- 민감정보 수집·이용에 대한 동의를 하지 않을 수 있으며, 동의하지 않으실 경우 시험 응시자에서 제외됩니다.

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