Key Technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, BlockChain

All you imagine becomes an innovation. - Samheum Yun(The president of KBCIA)-

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of membership of Korea Block Chain Industry Association (KBCIA)
Training of blockchain human resources Support development of human resources and reinforcement of employees’ capabilities
Government Policy Support Provides information on changing government policies and supporting projects.
Network Exchange Support Expand your network by actively promoting exchanges between all members of the association.
Providing with professionals’ consulting in legislation and tax Experts’ advices will help you with the difficulties you face
Provide blockchain business related data Provides business-related materials to help you apply to your business more efficiently.
Advertising platform Provides a platform for sharing members’ PR, interviews, and marketing information, including media coverage, banner advertising.
Praise recommendation Reward outstanding members regularly
Implementation of joint countervailing and recommendation systems The association is a family that all members are part of and communicate with.
We gather opinions on how to improve the system, as well as the concerns of each company, to suggest to the government and contribute to the development of the business.
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