Key Technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, BlockChain

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Reason for disqualification

Reason for the examination of the block chain manager’s license.
 Check out the reason for the examination of the block chain manager’s license.

Reason for disqualification

① Those who fall under any of the following subparagraph shall not apply for an examination:

  • a person who is constantly lacking in ability to handle affairs due to mental constraints caused by disease, disability, old age, or other reasons and who has been judged by the household court for the opening of adult life
  • a person who has been declared bankrupt and has not been reinstated
  • Those who are sentenced more than imprisonment and it hasn’t been 2 years since whose enforcement is completed or who are not subject to enforcement
  • a person who is sentenced to a suspended sentence of imprisonment or more and is in the midst of that period
  • Those who have not been registered as a block chain manager for less than two years since their registration as a block chain manager was canceled

② The reference date for the reasons for the examination in ① shall be based on the date of the announcement of the successful candidate for the second test of the year.

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