Key Technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, BlockChain

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Qualification details information

The license details of Block Chain Management.

Certified Blockchain Management

Qualification details information

Qualification name :  Certified Blockchain Management
Joint Launching Agency : Korea Block Chain Industry Association, Korea Block Chain Industry Society
The competent department: Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication
Private certificate registration number : 2018-005567


  • The functions of the block chain manager’s qualification shall be carried out in developing multi-dimensional blockchain education programs and carrying out projects and research work for the establishment of a national blockchain management body.
  • The institution carries out the dissemination and evaluation of programs at industrial sites where block chains are applied at the level of expert faculty members.
  • The medical institution carries out the task of conducting block-chain education for the people.

The details of tasks according to grade are as follows.

Level Job Description
2nd level 2nd level of the Block Chain Management Company is responsible for the provision and evaluation of education programs that are applied in various fields and the teaching of blockChain to the people.
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