Key Technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, BlockChain

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Test schedule

This is the test schedule for 2019 for BlockChain Management.
  • You can check the Block chain management test schedule for 2019.

[Certified BlockChain Management]
The first test shall be exempted from the first test for those who have completed the training course for block chain management and passed the multiple choice formula (four-selection type) in accordance with Article 8 [Test Method and Test Subject] of the Regulations on Management and Operation of Private Qualifications.

* Training process of block chain management


Registration date for training courses


Training date for training courses

A certificate examination

1st Internet: 1.14.(Mon) ~ 2.8.(Fri)

Training Courses

Training cost included

2.16.(Sat.) ~ 3.17(Sun.)

Every Sat.(4hr.),Sun.(6hr.)

2nd Internet: 4.1.(Mon) ~ 4.19.(Fri)

5.4.(Sat.) ~ 6.2.(Sun.)

Every Sat.(4hr.),Sun.(6hr.)

3rd Internet: 6.17.(Mon) ~ 7.5.(Fri)

7.20.(Sat.) ~ 8.18.(Sun.)

Every Sat.(4hr.),Sun.(6hr.)

4th Internet: 9.2.(Mon) ~ 9.20.(Fri)

10.5.(Sat.) ~ 11.3.(Sun.)

Every Sat.(4hr.),Sun.(6hr.)



Sortation Test Reception Date Examination fee Test place announcement date Test Date Date of announcement of successful applicants
1st  online :  3.11.(Mon) ~ 3.22.(Fri) 100,000won 2019.3.25.(Mon) 2019.3.30.(Sat) 2019.4.12.(Fri)
2nd  online :  5.27.(Mon) ~ 6.7.(Fri) 100,000won 2019.6.10.(Mon) 2019.6.15.(Sat) 2019.6.28.(Fri)
3rd  online :  8.12.(Mon) ~ 8.23.(Fri) 100,000won 2019.8.26.(Mon) 2019.8.31.(Sat) 2019.9.13.(Fri)
4th   online :  10.28.(Mon) ~ 11.8.(Fri) 100,000won 2019.11.11.(Mon) 2019.11.16.(Sat) 2019.11.29.(Fri)
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