Key Technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, BlockChain

All you imagine becomes an innovation. - Samheum Yun(The president of KBCIA)-


  Korea BlockChain Industry Association (KBCIA)

• A major purpose project of the Korea Block Chain Industry Association (KBCIA).


▶ Train expert personnel through block chain management certification test

▶ Creating new jobs and fostering new businesses to strengthen national competitiveness

▶ Publishing blockchain teaching materials and distributing on and offline education programs

▶ Performing and conducting research projects for multi-dimensional block chain education programs

A Study on the Block Chain Technology and Industrial Policy Evaluation

▶ A Study on the Establishment of Standards and Standards for BC Industry and the Establishment of Terminology

▶ A Survey on the State of the BC Industry and Related Statistics

▶ A Study on the Industrial Policy and Legal Systems of BC

▶ Regular policy meetings on key issues related to BC

Seminar and Research Presentation on Block Chain Technology and Industry

▶ Conference on the Presentation of Accomplishment, Research Society’s Academic Presentation

▶ Instructs short-term courses and joint events of external institutions

▶ Co-hosting various academic events (frequent)

The publication of academic publications and information literature

▶ The Journal of the BC Industry

▶ The History of the BC Industrial Society

▶ Subsidiary bulletin (by research group)

▶ Other handouts (all year round)

international academic exchange and cooperation

▶ International cooperation and foreign affairs

▶ Participation in international conferences and presentation of papers

▶ Reinforcement of information exchange and selection of overseas cooperation by related agencies

a commendation for public service and encouragement for Technology Development

▶ Handing out the BC Research and Technology Case Study Awards

▶ Reinforcement of special member industry-academic cooperation seminars

▶ Membership cooperation and recommendation (academic services, participation in international conferences, etc.)

▶ Issuance of certificate (membership certificate, thesis publication certificate, course certificate, etc.)

▶ General meetings held every year

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