Key Technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, BlockChain

All you imagine becomes an innovation. - Samheum Yun(The president of KBCIA)-

Overview of Blockchain

Overview of blockchain research certification

•  You’ll find a description of block chain and the purpose and rationale for the certification overview.

What is Block Chain certification?

A system that certifies and supports promising block chain technologies or businesses for the purpose of “building block chain industry.

Improving Economic Constitution and Fostering new Industries We need to increase the value added by the block chain industry and actively promote the national strategic industry.
National Industrial Vision It presented ‘blockchain’ technology, which is recognized as a core technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, and ‘blockchain growth’ that produces block chain industry growth engine and jobs.
Block Chain Business Investment Focus In order to focus on investment in the block chain industry, the introduction of certification systems for blockchain technology, businesses and corporate was reviewed.
Block Chain Certification To ensure smooth support for the blockchain industry, a block-certification system has been implemented to verify the technology or business.
Purpose and Evidence | Purpose |
Support market creation through ICO certification, blockchain technology certification, product verification, business certification, and professional business verification contributes to the promotion of block chain industries, including increasing sales, job creation, and strengthening of corporate and national competitiveness
| Rationale |
Korea Block Chain Industry Association Article 4 (Business)
→ 2017.12.15. Proclamation
Korea Block Chain Industry Association Article 4 (Business)→ 2018.1.15. Proclamation
| Procedure for operating the block chain certificate |
→ KBCIA, KBCIS Joint Public Notice, 2018.4.16
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