Key Technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, BlockChain

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Application Procedure

BLOCKCHAIN Application Procedure
Application Procedure
Classification Committee Audit method Audit criteria note
First Audit project Basic Review of the authenticity of the document and check the necessary modifications
Check products and business sites that apply blockChain technology
Secondary audit Comprehensive audit A review of the practical implementation, quality and management system of committee technology
Conducted by three technical committees

1. First Comprehensive Audit Committee

– IT in the field of electrical, electronic and information communication

2. The 2nd Comprehensive Audit Committee

– Engineering fields such as machinery, materials, nuclear, chemical and scientific

3. 3rd Comprehensive Audit Committee

– All industries not covered by 1 or 2

□ Technical evaluation

1. Technology: Status of technological development (human resources, investment, facilities, etc.), technology development methods (individual development contents,ratio, etc.), and degree of overcoming limitations

2. Applicability: The ratio of the technical value of the applied item

3. Reproducibility: Completion of the technology to reproduce the performance of the applied item

4. Development: Vertical Aspects of Growth and Development

5. Transparency: Horizontal application and applicability of other items

□ Economic Evaluation

1. Performance compared to previous generation: dominance in performance over existing oil and sand industries

2. Competitive production and price: level of meeting market demand, price level

3. Market size: The degree of market size, such as new market changes and import replacement

□ Additional verification

Additional verification beyond the criteria may be required during the examination.

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